Who am I?

Hi, I'm Rhys!

I'm an award winning Motion Graphics artist looking for freelance work or employment in graphic animation, motion graphics or video post-production. Having recently completed two years of study in the field of Interactive Digital Media I was awarded the Student of the Year award, along with the Channel 9 Industry award for best Motion Graphics Artist. I was awarded these ahead of my other fellow students, recognising my talents as a motion graphics artist as well as my enthusiasm and hard work during my studies.

The Central Institute of Technology course in Interactive Digital Media covered many disciplines ranging from 3D Modelling and Animation to Motion Graphics and Visual Effects. The curriculum also covered Website Design and scripting for applications and games.

I have recently undertaken work experience at the Ellis Design Group; a small Perth digital rendering studio. Working on digital renders of off-the-plan apartments for Perth’s largest apartment developer, I learned new software, skills and workflows, such as accurately recreating apartments to-scale in 3Ds Max using a combination of Rhino3D and Autodesk's 3Ds Max from AutoCAD plans.

Whilst I have always been interested in technology, computer and software, I first realized my passion for Motion Graphics after discovering online tutorials by Andrew Kramer at VideoCopilot. I then became obsessed with learning post-production techniques from home, watching online tutorials at Video Copilot and Digital Tutors and teaching myself before I even had any of the software to practice my skills.

In order to achieve my dream of becoming a post-production and motion graphics artist, I have moved from my country home-town to the City of Perth. During this time, I have been working at Woolworths to pay for my studies and have used my savings to purchase software and equipment, including the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and set up my home office.

I continue to upskill my studies by watching countless online videos of VideoCopilot, Greyscalegorilla, and Digital Tutors tutorials.

Please inbox me if you have any questions about my skills. I would be open to any opportunities so please, get in contact!

Awards and Achievements